Move aside Manduka, there’s a new kid in town. A company aptly named BallerYoga has created a $1,000 yoga mat made out of leather. The same 100% pebble-grain leather used to create professional footballs have been repurposed into a non-slip yoga mat. Where’s the ahimsa when practicing on a huge piece of leather on the ground? At least the mats are Made in the USA? And is this offensive considering yoga is a practice rooted in Hinduism and they are practicing on the skin of their sacred animal? I have a feeling PETA is already at their doorstep.

The BallerYoga mat launched in September 2016. Cedric Yau, founder of BallerYoga, created the company to target “Athletes who have Everything and Desire Nothing.” Of course, because only athletes with lots of money to blow could afford one.

Hey look ma! No slip!

Nothing is More Primal”

I think they may have meant to use the adjective “primal” as it was portrayed in The Silence of the Lambs. I am good getting primal on my natural rubber mat, thank you.

Baller Yoga claims that unlike synthetic mats that stink, the BallerYoga leather smells great and gets better with age. And they even state that “Your mat will grow more beautiful with your practice.” Are they serious? I am not practicing on an animal product the size of an area rug, no matter how well they package this product.

The Baller Yoga Leather Mat – only $1,000

Watch their video to get some inspiration…

We wouldn’t recommend the mat for Bikram or any yoga practice that involves heavy duty sweating. Do we really need to tell you why? Ok, because the red mats aren’t sealed with a top coat, sweat will cause the mats to bleed and smell like how you would post a sweaty yoga class. Oh fun! Good luck cleaning that.

What do you think about the $1,000 Baller Yoga mat. Yay or nay? Tell us in the comments.

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