Power is a neutral force, and depending on how it’s used, the result is either positive or negative. Many religious texts have this idea that words, sounds, vibrations, are basic to all manifestation. Some examples are:

In the beginning was the word, and the word was GodThe Bible
In the beginning was sound, and from sound came formThe Vedas

If we take this seriously and really understand and take responsibility for our words, our lives will go through a dramatic change. Our words are both audible and inaudible and we need to practice awareness of both aspects.

It is said: “Think good thoughts, say good words and do good deeds.” Your deeds, which are the manifestation of the other two, are very important as they bring the element of rajas (action) into the tamasic (inert) nature of speech or thought. The combination of rajas and tamas creates sattvas (spirituality) or growth. To put it in modern terms: “Walk your talk.”

Speech is man’s most constant expression, his greatest performance, and the barometer of his emotionsSwami Sivananda Radha

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch footage for a documentary about a woman in California was in a car accident eight years ago and was told she was quadriplegic. She would no longer be able to move her arms and legs. She refused to accept this, and insisted that she just needed to reconnect her mind to her limbs. She persisted with this belief and has devoted herself to this work. She now has full use of her upper body and arms and has walked in water. She can lift her legs from her knees while sitting in a wheelchair, and I have no doubt that she will walk again. We could say this is a miracle, but to me it showed the power of commitment: her worlds to herself and her determined will to not believe the prognosis the expert gave her. This is what created the miraculous result — her faith in what she could do.

We are all what we believe. Sometimes things won’t change, but we can control how we react. Your imagination is your most powerful tool. How do you use it? What words do you say to yourself? If we can learn to become aware of these thoughts, and learn to redirect these old negative patterns, create positive thoughts and new patterns, we will find a profound change happening in our lives.

[Photo by Hartwig HKD – CC BY]

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