When I first read this very sobering news article, my first thought was, oh my gosh! I am so glad it didn’t pass! What would I wear!! For those of us who spend our lives in yoga tights, this would be akin to the president of the USA banning blue jeans.

Just think! We would have to go back to teaching our classes in a full length, North Indian Selvar Kamiz. My next thought was Sheesh ! What about my business! I have spent the last three years developing a line of colorful, organic yoga tights. Poof! Gone! just like that – I can just see the headlines – Yoga Tights are Now Illegal. You have until Wednesday to turn all your yoga tights into the police station. Oh dear! I would have had to rent a truck! I have two thousand pair in my warehouse.

Then I thought of all the companies that would be annoyed. Lucy, Beyond Yoga, Hard tale, Blue Canoe. There are lots of them now. Lululemon would probably have to pay a fine and possibly do community service work when the authorities got wind of the recent “see though” yoga pants. (Now, if anything was to be illegal – those might qualify)

But, seriously, this is a subject worthy of consideration. Are yoga pants “decent”? It could be argued that there is a “right place and time” for yoga pants. And, it is worth asking the question, are they covering the right parts?

Or, then, is the problem with the pants, or the mind of the beholder of the pants? But this whole question brings up a much deeper issue: How we see ourselves and how others see us. And, interestingly, h​ow we see ourselves often affects how others see us.

Too often, do we dress to attract attention, to feel loved or to out shine the competition? Too often, are our choices are aimed at being of some value to the opposite sex, beguiling, promising something more. How often are these choices backed by a feeling that we inadequate?

The ​e​go is the part of us that has forgotten that we are the energy of Love and Light. It fees its separateness and is always looking for love and reassurance from the outside world.

The heart feels the fullness of who you are – ​L​ove and L​ight – and exists to radiate that light. The heart is the part of us that knows that we are the Divine, and lives this knowledge through shining the feeling of love through everything we do, see, say and wear.

Svadhyaya quiz – Sexy vs self love

  • Do I dress from the feeling of selling myself?
  • Do I “feel like me” in what I are wearing?
  • Do I dress from the feeling of “I am not good enough”?
  • Do I feel nervous leaving the house​? ​
  • Am I afraid of feeling judged?
  • Do I feel truly beautiful in what I am wearing?


  • Do I feel safe in what I am wearing?
  • Do “like me” in what I am wearing?
  • Do people of the same gender or sexual persuasion compliment me on what I am wearing?
  • Do I wear colors? (no, beige, grey and midnight blue are not colors)

It would be fun to add to this list.

I am not saying that “sexy” does not have a place in life – but often it seems to crowd out the sacred place of self love. Perhaps the gentlemen were making a brave attempt to ban the ego. I would vote for that!

[Photo by Tiger Mask – CC BY]

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