We often get asked by the community at Seattle Yoga News for recommendations related to various yoga services. One category of services we get questions about regularly is yoga photography. We therefore decided to ask the community to recommend the best yoga photographers in Seattle. Here were their top 10 picks in no particular order including a sample of their work in addition to our recommended photographer, Danielle Sack, who is a preferred Seattle Yoga News vendor:

Preferred Seattle Yoga News Photographer:


The most important part of a shoot with Danielle from Sukha Design and Photography is you. Every yogi has a story and the photos of your yoga style should be unique to you. For Sukha Design and Photography, the inspiration and creative tools always come from you, not the other way around!Danielle Sack


 Working with people who know their bodies is a fantastic experience. Makes my life easier to set up the scene and let the yogi move as they naturally do. It’s art photographing art. All natural. Just watch, move and breathe. Cameron Karsten


 I like to take photos that are unusual and interesting as photos, that capture the eye regardless of the viewers interest in yoga or acroyoga. I use wide lens angles and edge lighting whenever possible to create drama and a sense of place. Tamara (AJ) Rogers


 My background teaching CrossFit has helped me better understand movement and its complexities. Understanding movement has taught me how to best photograph their unique flows and practices. I have an easy-going personality that allows me to create a positive environment for all subjects I get the opportunity to shoot. My intention when photographing yoga is to capture a yogi’s true spirit. Every yogi is different, so I attempt to draw light to their unique style by observing their flow rather than altering it. It is so rewarding to work in this environment as it brings people so much joy in being able to capture who they are in a photograph. Pao Sanchez


Yogis have always practiced yoga in nature and this return to nature for portrait work has inspired stunning images of yogis dancing with the elements or quietly listening and responding to the impulse of nature. I aimed to capture the powerful union between person and place, and to bear witness to the joy that arises when we return to nature as a place for healing. Melina Meza


 Shooting yoga double exposures is a complete blast, it allows for lots of creativity. All my multiple exposures are shot in camera so theres no telling what you can come up with based on your location. Michael Guidry


The way I look at photography is pretty simple. I just want to tell a story. The best story I can that will affect people. I want it to be intimate. I want it to be different, but at the end of the day it’s that story. It doesn’t really have a lot to do with me. Helping someone find their expression, their voice, is really all that I try to do. It’s like being at a party and telling a good joke… If you hear someone telling it later on across the room…. then I guess I’ve done my job. Mark Munden - bb.2FILMS


 We start with your vision. Who are you as a yogi? What is your style? How can we make images that capture and communicate who you are simply and beautifully? From there we collaborate to make something truly remarkable. Dan & Stacia Cumberland - Sparkfly Photography


 I believe whole-heartedly in learning through the practice of photography, and aside from a handful of extended academic courses, my knowledge of the art and science behind the power of a camera lens comes from real experience. My goal is not entirely different from that of many accomplished photographers: inspire those who view my work to look at the ordinary subject from an extraordinary perspective. Ultimately, photography inspires me to capture the spontaneous reactions between people and their surrounding environments. Casey Brevig


We are one part professional photographer and one part E-RYT certified yoga instructor. Our passions for art and movement inspire us to seek out and create spaces where people can feel both empowered and vulnerable enough to truly embody their practice. While working with both studios and individuals we offer beautifully composed and marketable photographs that radiate the power of asana. Johnny Valencia and Julia Canfield - Team Mazagran


 I am a free spirit with a dash of sass! Becoming a yoga instructor has encouraged me to listen to my inner voice and find my path; yoga and photography. In each shoot, my goal is to combine my eye for alignment and composition to help my client recognize the beauty inside of themselves and in the world around them. Ferrah Chino

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