If you’re the type to seek out yoga while traveling, it’s a great idea to have the right gear to accommodate the travel + yoga lifestyle. I am headed to India (the birthplace of yoga) and China this Winter. I am looking to immerse myself in my destination’s version of yoga. Surprisingly, while doing my research I found that many places around the world do not practice yoga the way the United States of America does. In the USA, yoga is mostly vigorous and is a form of fitness. In India, yoga is a philosophical practice with asanas or poses sprinkled throughout. The 8 Limbs of Yoga and Vedic transcripts are even taught in schools at an early age. My trip to these other countries will be enlightening and I can’t wait to see how yoga differs when moving across continents.

To prepare myself for yoga during my travels, I’ve curated items that I’ll be bringing with me on my trip to Asia.

Yogo Ultralight Folding Yoga Mat
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Why choose this product?

✓ Perfect for Travelling & Outdoor Activities: Foldable, grippy, eco yoga mat great for home, travel or outdoors.
Easy to Clean: Origami folding keeps top clean, rinse in shower hang by attached straps.
Eco Friendly: Made with plant-based vegan material to support a positive impact on our planet.
Non-Slip: Award-winning grip that combats slip, and helps you remain grounded both in body and mind.
With every mat purchased, Yogo funds a food-bearing tree and agricultural training for a rural African family.

YogaPaws Elite Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks
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Why choose this product?

✓ The Ultimate Travel Yoga Mat: The Yoga brand with a cult following. Leave your yoga exercise mat at home. YogaPaws Grip Gloves and Grip Socks easily fit in your handbag or pocket.
✓ Superior Grip & Padded Comfort: No sticky dots. YogaPaws’ anti slip gloves and socks are lined with a full layer of natural rubber. The perfect addition to a slippery mat. Padded cushion for those in need of wrist support or just love practicing inversion, downward dog.
✓ Versatile: Yoga Paws Non-Slip Gloves and Non-Slip Socks are ideal for multiple fitness activities including Yoga, Pilates, Training, Gymnastics, Stand-Up Paddle boarding and Cycling, Yoga Mat for home and outdoor exercise mat.
✓ Patented Ergonomic Design: Super sleek fingerless design allows for full range of motion and exterior seams offer the best in ergonomic comfort. Lined with terry to wick moisture away from sweaty hands and feet.
✓ Non-Toxic: YogaPaws Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks are harmless to the environment and will not cause allergies or irritation of the skin. They’re also completely Latex-Free and Silicon-Free.

Lotus Weighted Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow
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Why choose this product?

✓ Drift Off To Sleep: The Lotus Lavender weighted Eye Pillows for sleeping are filled with flax seeds and lavender buds. Used in aromatherapy for centuries, the soft scent of lavender is calming and soothing, making it the perfect eye pillow for sleeping and yoga meditation. Ideal for use as a spa eye pillow or to relieve tension in a busy day. The Lotus lavender weighted eye pillow delivers a subtle natural scent and the pure bliss of relaxation.
✓ Soothes Headaches & Sinus Pain: Flax seeds deliver gentle pressure to the sinuses and eye area to help relieve tension. The weight of the lavender scented eye pillow holds it gently in place, its non-slip cotton cover absorbs moisture from the skin. Try using this weighted lavender eye pillow as a natural remedy for headaches, migraines, or any time you need soothing comfort. This Lavender Eye Pillow is the perfect companion for relaxation try this lavender eye mask for sleeping.
✓ Heated Eye Mask: Use this microwavable eye pillow to make a warm eye mask compress to relieve dry eyes. Place your lavender eye pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds. Test it first, and if it’s too hot, allow it to cool for a few minutes. You can also use the Lotus lavender eye pillow on other areas of the body in need of heat therapy and soothing care. Sore neck muscles and arthritis may benefit from use of this heated lavender eye pillow.
✓ Cooling Eye Mask: The Lotus lavender eye pillow can be used as a cold eye mask compress. Just place the eye pillow in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. The chilled weighted eye pillow will act as a cool compress to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes refreshing tired eyes strained by study or extended computer time.
✓ Yoga Instructors & Spa Therapists: The Lotus eye pillows organic cotton cover is removable and hand washable. Yoga eye pillows are also ideal for massage therapists and meditation instructors to use with their clients. This lavender eye pillow can be used as a yoga prop to support Shavasana. It blocks out ambient light aids relaxation, the weighted flax seed mask gently applies pressure ending the session feeling perfectly restored.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
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Why choose this product?

✓ Great Quality & Durable: No longer rely on cheap plastic water bottles that split and crack, this stainless steel water bottle is manufactured from durable materials, for a bottle that can withstand your toughest workouts!
✓ Maintains Hot and Cold Temperatures: It can maintain hot liquid warm for up to 12 hours, and keep cold drink chilled for up to 24 hours also ensures no sweating or condensation. Perfectly suited for Running, Gym, Yoga, office, Outdoors and Camping.
✓ Colorful Options: Beautiful and simple colors to choose from.
✓ This Bottle Features: 2 leak-resistant caps, a loop cap with a convenient finger loop, perfect for carrying when working out outdoors, a sport cap with a convenient carabineer clip fixing, allowing you to effortlessly secure the cap to your bag while hiking or cycling.
✓ Eco friendly design

MAJESTIC PURE USB Essential Oil Diffuser
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Why choose this product?

✓ Majestic Pure USB Essential Oil Diffuser: This portable travel size (USB cord included) has a stylish design and is BPA Free, sturdy, and made with high-quality materials.
✓ Wonderful Essential Oil Diffuser: Works well to create a relaxing atmosphere in any space, with a 7 Color LED light feature.
✓ USB Powered Aromatherapy Diffuser: It can be connected to a desktop, a laptop, or a power bank with USB 3.0 or above. Note this diffuser is not wireless and requires a power connection.
✓ Quiet Aroma Diffuser: With ultrasonic technology, this device dispenses essential oils into the air using high frequencies. It separates the essential oils into small particles producing a micro-mist that is circulated into the atmosphere in your favorite room.
✓ Automatic shut-off when low-water.

Marmot Long Hauler Large Travel Duffel Bag
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Why choose this product?

✓ Materials: 100 percent Polyester.
✓ Imported.
✓ Size: Large 4575ci (75 liter) duffel bag ideal for use as an expedition bag, carry-on bag, or general travel bag.
✓ Easy Access & Rain Flap: Large, D-shaped main zipper opening for easy access; rain flap keeps wetness out.
✓ Features: Zippered end pockets for securing small items; Side Handles/Haul Loops (Med, Lg, XL only); Double bottom to increase durability; Haul loops on both ends for easy lifting; Tough YKK zippers for reliable opening and closing.

Comment down below and let us know which one of these items accompanied you on your trips!

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