Happy Mother’s Day to all the yoga moms out there! Although, we realize that with kids every day is essentially Mother’s Day – we really wanted to capsulate what it means to be a Yoga mOM in Seattle. We asked our community share with us how they yoga with their minis and the response was amazing. Check out what it means to be a Yoga mOM below!


Carly Hayden Yoga mOM
Carly Hayden of YogaMosa in Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward Dog Pose
#1 A Yoga mOM juggles a busy schedule! She is resilient and doesn’t let the fluctuations of life knock her down. She definitely knows how to stay afloat.
Elizabeth Yoga mOM
Elizabeth Davis Thomas with her mini in Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose.
#2 A Yoga mOM bends over backwards (literally) for their little ones. There is nothing that can get in the way of a Yoga mOM!
Jennifer Schlosser Yoga mOM
Jennifer Schlosser and her minis.
#3 A Yoga mOM realizes that life is too short. Let go of the things that no longer serve you to make room for the precious moments to happen.
Portia Smith Yoga mOM
Portia Smith and her mini taking it easy in Sukhasana.
#4 A Yoga mOM teaches her children and others to have an open heart. A Yoga Mom practices unconditional love on and off the mat towards herself and others.
Danielle Sack Yoga mOM
Danielle Sack of Sukha Design and Photography hanging around with her mini.
#5 A Yoga mOM strives to be a role model to her children. That conscious motivation to be the best example of herself transcends beyond all layers in a Yoga mOM’s life.
Tina Templeman Yoga mOM
Tina Templeman and her daughter Taylor.
#6 A Yoga mOM knows how to weather the storm. Although the waves may come crashing in, a Yoga mOM is rooted in love and that is what keeps her afloat.
Lara Ederer Yoga mOM
Lara Ederer in Dancer Pose or Natarajasana.
#7 A Yoga mOM knows the potential in others and that life is full of possibilities. The world is an endless canvas of opportunities.
Madeleine Erdhart Yoga mOM
Madeleine Erhardt and Emma!
# 8 A Yoga mOM knows the start of everyday is an adventure she could never have enough of. At the end of it, she is forever thankful for every moment with her children.
Carleeh Yoga mOM
Carleeh Mulholland and her mini in pigeon pose.
#9 A Yoga mOM truly understands the phrase, “time is precious” and “carpe diem”. If rewinding time was a possibility a Yoga mOM would choose her children over and over again.
  • ali valdez sattva yoga mothers day
    Ali Valdez of Sattva Yoga with her mini!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

With Love,
Seattle Yoga News Team

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