The idea behind Vinyasa is fascinating — it proposes that, in the act of synchronizing the breath with yoga movement, the mind is brought to a place of deep concentration. Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga is both challenging and fun. It encourages the student to explore the broadest range of their physical potential while providing the technical approaches that ensure safety. The Tripsichore Yoga style has been in dynamic development for 30 years. It has endeavored to reconcile the notion of how to enhance one’s spiritual quest via your physical practice.

Tripsichore (trip-sic-uh-ree) Vinyasa is the evenly metered flow of movement, breath and thought, which results in an uninflected state of being. Tripsichore sequences seek the integrity of the postures, by assuming that the mind’s intention can be integrated with the body’s movement through breathing techniques. The refinement of these techniques – something that seems deceptively simple – provides the means through which the body achieves remarkable shapes of considerable beauty.

Edward and Nikki host wildly entertaining and intensely interesting workshops. For curious students and teachers hungry to level-up their practice, you will be mesmerized by the smart discourse on how yogic philosophical ideas play out both in technique and in the meaning of life. This is a highly anticipated tour not to be missed.

Most yoga discipline has worked on refining one’s self in the direction of greater stillness–an absence of movement in the mind and body. Superficially, Vinyasa would seem to contradict this. However, the mental focus and physical technique needed to bring about this continuous flow can also bring one to a ‘seat’ of great stability and clarity. The stability is not only in the posture, but also in the transition between postures, to the point where there is no distinction between movement and stillness.Edward Clark


Imagine floating through a mystical, meditative world with yoga postures, flowing movements and thrashing guitars. “Tripsichore is a Greek muse of dance. Our goal is to experience the beauty and transport by way of yogic-choreographic vocabulary. We call it true theatre, but we do not limit itself to a division, such as dance. We look at it holistically. We express ourselves through yoga, Vinyasa and the compound of the conversations. Where all the constantly remain in the river and leaves room for development.”—Edward Clark

For Edward and Nikki, mastering Tripsichore technique has one purpose — the creation of movement theatre pieces. Four days of teaching Tripsichore technique will culminate in a duet called THE FALLEN. It celebrates yoga philosophy and extraordinary physical prowess, giving the age-old discipline of yoga a sensual, modern twist. It combines the spirituality of yoga with acrobatic agility and grace. What makes it even more interesting is that the performances are driven by music from British guitarist BJ Cole and chillout act Lagoon West.

What happens when Gods fall from grace? We hope they consider the redemptive qualities of love and creativity…the experience of seeking what is new.Edward Clark

Tripsichore Yoga Theatre, founded in 1979, presents the history of yoga into the world of contemporary theatre. Initially, the company was devoted to creating full-length dance narratives, exploring stylistic forms like punk ballet, conventional modern dance and neo-classical techniques, but has since then evolved into using yoga as an expressive tool.

Below are some opportunities to experience Tripsichore in Seattle, WA.

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