With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities. One activity that team Seattle Yoga News all about this Summer is Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Yoga. We have a Seattle Yoga Meetup planned on July 30th with Carly Hayden and guess what? We’re going to be doing yoga on a SUP paddleboard!

Carly will share information on how to prepare for your first SUP Yoga class. You’re probably wondering about what’s most important – what to wear to SUP Yoga! We’ve got your wardrobe needs covered for you in this article.

What is Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Yoga?

It seems that stand-up paddling in some form or another has been around for thousands of years. Stand-up paddleboard (SUP), also known as hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian, is a water activity that rapidly became very popular across the United States when it was brought to the mainland in 2004.  Hailing from Hawaii, SUP has spread like rippling waves to oceans, rivers and lakes across the world. SUP requires participants to stand on top of a giant and buoyant surfboard and row with a single handheld paddle. Imagine SUP as a cross between canoeing and surfing that requires good balance and core strength. Yoga is a practiced skill that combines balance, flexibility and core strength as the body moves through a combination of poses. Drawing from the use of core, these two exercise forms were combined to create an activity that would challenge the core and spirit under sunny skies atop beautiful waters.

What Should I Wear to SUP Yoga?

First and foremost, check the weather. Depending on how hot or cool it is will help you determine how to best suit up for a SUP Yoga class. You want you outfit to be comfortable yet functional. You’ll be bending and stretching so definitely have clothing that would be wardrobe malfunction proof.

#1 Swimwear

Many SUP yogis and yoginis wear swimwear while practicing. For women, you can wear bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Try to find swimwear that you can easily slip on and off. If you wear a bandeau, definitely wear the halter strap if it is available. The bending and stretching may cause the bandeau come off. We recommend doing few downward facing dogs in the mirror at home to ensure your comfort and modesty needs are met. Remember to bring shorts or a skirt to wear over you swimwear. For men – board shorts and swim trunks are recommended.

SUP Yoga What To Wear bikini swim trunks

1. Ayliss Women Tie Dye Padded Bikini Set, 2. Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco Swim Trunk, 3. Yonala Color One Piece Swimsuit

#2 Rash Guard

A rash guard, also known as rash vest or rashie, is a type of water wear. It can be described as an athletic shirt made of a spandex and nylon blend. The name rash guard is indicative of a shirt protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion, or by sunburn from extended exposure to the sun. Rash guards come in different sleeve lengths (sleeveless, cap sleeve, 3/4 length and full) and a variety of colors. Some rash guards also have full and 1/2 zippers in the front.

SUP Yoga What To Wear Rash Guard

1. Kanu Surf Women’s Lanai Rashguard Swim Top, 2. Ingear Ladies Rash Guard, 3. Jala Clothing Women’s SUP Rash Guard

#3 Yoga Clothing

Because why not? We wear yoga clothing to sweaty 90+ degree classes which means the pieces would definitely work in water. Wear dry wicking clothing that when wet doesn’t get heavy and drag you down. Yoga clothing worn to hot yoga is perfect for SUP yoga. There are a few yoga clothing brands that make clothing specifically for SUP Yoga, such as Jala Clothing and Onzie.

SUP Yoga What To Wear yoga clothes onzie

1. Jala Clothing SUP Ladder Top, 2. Jala Clothing Women’s SUP Strappy Bra, 3. Onzie Women’s Capri Pant

#4 Sunglasses

Sun protection is recommended even on the cloudiest of days. Not only will you need sunblock, you’ll need some cool shades to block your eyes from the sun. Check your Summer sunglass stash and bring the pair that you don’t mind sacrificing to the water gods or secure them to yourself with some eyewear retainers.

SUP Yoga What To Wear sunglasses

1. zeroUV – Flat Matte Reflective Revo Color Lens Large Sunglasses, 2. zeroUV – Womens Fashion Round Metal Cut-Out Cat Eye Sunglasses, 3. Chums Original Eyewear Retainer

#5 Water Safe Shoes

For traversing hot asphalt, dirt, pebbles and shells, water-safe shoes are highly recommended. Our preferred water safe shoes include flip-flops, water sandals and aqua socks. We love strappy sandals because you can strap and stow your shoes to the SUP board before yoga practice begins. Easy peasy! Check out brands like Teva, Chaco and Seattle-based Luna Sandals!

SUP Yoga What To Wear water shoes sandals

1. Teva Women’s Original Sandal, 2. Chaco Men’s Z2 Yampa Sandal, 3. The Original Luna w/ Non-slip Footbed

Just like in an indoor yoga class, you want your clothing to feel comfortable and liberating. Prepare for your class and try out different poses in different outfits that you spend less time getting distracted by fashion disasters and stay focused on your inner peace.

[Photo by Scott Audette | CC BY]

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