On December 21st we will be celebrating this year’s Winter Solstice which marks the rebirth of the Sun. Enjoy this special occasion by showing gratitude to your body, diving deeper into your yoga practice, bringing peace to your soul, and activating your intentions through attending some of these amazing yoga events taking place all around the Seattle area.

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Beneficial Sound - Wayne Marto - 2
Beneficial Sound - logo

About this Event: Relax and Renew with an evening of restorative Yoga and an extended Gong Bath Meditation.The gong will be continuously played during the Yoga poses and breath work, and the combination of restorative Yoga and the Gongs will do wonders for you physically and emotionally. The pure, penetrating sound waves of the gong cleanse the subconscious and awaken the listener to a transcendent state of awareness.

Date & Time: Dec. 14th @7pm-10pm

Instructor: Wayne Marto

Cost: $45-$50

Winter Solstice Sound Celebration - Guru Gayatri
guru gayatri-logo

About this Event: In this event  the Sacred Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Chanting will be combined to create a full Mind, Body, Spirit experience, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Engage not only your senses but also your soul!
Following a Kundalini Yoga set lead by Sada Simran, as you move into your deep relaxation, the magic of the Tibetan bowls begin their celestial serenade. The drums match to the rhythm of your heart. The didgeridoo begins its wallowing, weaving and circulating resonance throughout the space, mesmerizing your mind and body.
Finally, as all earthly form begin to dissolve into nothingness, the mighty Gongs appear. The sound of creation itself. Its appetite is voracious! Wayne Marto, Gong Maestro extraordinaire begins his assent. Michael Dowd reverberates with the other accomplished Guru Gayatri Sound Healers ….20 Gongs in all!

Date & Time: Dec. 14th @7pm-9:30pm

Instructors: Sada Simran, Wayne Marto, and Michael Dowd.

Cost: $45

New Year's Day Sankalpa Practice with Leah Zaccaria in Queen Anne
Hauteyoga Queen Anne

About this Event: Join Leah and Zia for a soothing grounding welcome to Winter. Enjoy a slow 30 minute flow with Leah, followed by a 60 minute sound bath with Zia. This is a dynamic experience you do not want to miss! Take a break from the shopping and hustle bustle to celebrate the Solstice.
A soundbath is an improvised live concert of ambient sound vibrations that shift the listener’s body and consciousness into deep relaxation and restorative biological states, offering a mini-retreat from the busy outside world. Many people attend soundbaths to reduce the effects of stress and clear tension or blockages in the mind/body/emotions/spirit, in order to feel cleansed and replenished.
Zia’s soundbaths currently include crystal bowls and vocal toning, and sometimes additionally: gentle and potent sea-drums, gongs, rattles, or other ambient instruments, to take you into a meditative state to help creative and pleasurable experiences open up, and fundamentally, to help anxiety and stress fade and your body’s natural restorative functions to flourish.

Date & Time: Dec. 20th @7:30pm-9pm

Instructors: Leah Zaccaria & Zia Sunseri

Cost: $30

Winter Solstice with Darla Mosse Iris McComb in Wallingford- aditi yoga
Aditi Yoga Seattle

About this Event: The Winter Solstice marks the onset of winter and the time of the shortest day. Please join Iris and Darla Friday, December 20th from 7 to 9 p.m. for welcoming in the season with this soothing workshop that combines restorative yoga and massage. Darla will guide you through the restorative practice, and she and Iris, a licensed massage therapist, will provide hands on touch to reduce muscle tension. Props will be used for support in these longer held postures, with the intention of calming the nervous system and quieting the mind. Essential oils will be used for additional balancing and relaxation. This workshop will be a deeply nourishing and tranquil experience that will allow you to move your focus within and away from the stressors of daily life.

Date & Time: Dec. 20th @7pm–9pm

Instructors: Darla Mosse & Iris McComb

Cost: $40

Winter Solstice Yin and Sound Bath with Nancy Lea - Sangha Yoga Seattle

About this Event: A nourishing yin practice, guided relaxation and singing bowl sound therapy led by Nancy Lea to honor the Winter Solstice and embrace the quiet, inward nature of the winter season. This practice will help increase circulation in the body, connect you with your own inner light and revitalize the body and mind so that we may set clear intentions as we move into the new year and towards the light of spring.

Date & Time: Dec. 20th @7pm–8:30pm

Instructor: Nancy Lea

Cost: $35

Winter Solstice-Sacred Ceremony with Ines DeCastro - Village Green Yoga
Village Green Yoga

About this Event: Celebrate the Winter Solstice with a sacred ceremony. This class will begin by invoking the four directions and their corresponding elements and animals. Participants will also wake up the circle with drumming and rattling. Then, you will be led on a shamanic guided journey with White Dragon and Kwan Yin for the healing of your DNA. Next comes a burn ceremony to release that which is no longer needed. The conclusion will be a candle-lighting ceremony and a group medicine card reading. If time allows, there will be channeling with Sushanic, the Pleiadian.

Date & Time: Dec. 20th @7pm-9pm

Instructor: Ines DeCastro

Cost: $25

108 Sun Salutations - Winter Solstice Celebration with Ashley Hagen - HOBO Yoga

About this Event: Join Ashley for a solstice celebration with 108 Sun Salutations at the yoga studio. This practice will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Take rest and modifications as needed.

Date & Time: Dec. 21st @1pm-3pm

Instructor: Ashley Hagen

Cost: $18–$25

Winter Solstice Practice - Greeting the Sun with Julia Briggs - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: Join Julia to celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. In yoga, and in astrology, the sun symbolizes the soul. The word “solstice,” in Latin, means sun standing still. In this event you will embody this stillness to draw inward and embrace the magnetic power of the longest night of the year, cultivating your most powerful intentions.
This practice will begin with fluid vinyasa to spark the inner fire and sync your strong, intuitive breath to movement. Then, participants will move into contemplative restorative and conclude with a guided meditation to incubate their intentions during this rebirth along the wheel of life.
The session will close with a glass of wine or kombucha to cheers the coming abundance of light and ignite your energy towards your intention.

Date & Time: Dec. 21st @6pm-7pm

Instructor: Julia Briggs

Cost: $30

Solstice Deep Rest Reiki and Restorative Yoga with Heather Danso Zoga On Beacon
Yoga On Beacon

About this Event: Join Heather for Solstice Deep Rest, Reiki and Restorative Yoga with three healers. This two-hour workshop will create deep restful states, invoking the body’s own method of healing. Find balance, healing, and the possibility of releasing what no longer serves through these gentle practices that work so beautifully together. In this class, gentle movement will help you settle into deeper states of relaxation, in fully supported poses. Students will practice in a space charged with Reiki (supportive energetic healing) and will each receive a few minutes of hands-on/off Reiki, as well as gentle adjustments and the use of ethically sourced essential oil (if appropriate). No experience necessary. Sound healing will be integrated.

Date & Time: Dec. 21st @1pm-3pm

Instructor: Heather Danso

Cost: $35–$40

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