Business cards may feel like something that is reserved for the corporate world but they often come in handy when we need to quickly share our contact information with someone. We have been expecting them to become obsolete over time but it seems that even though we may carry a smartphone in our pocket, exchanging business cards is a behavior that is still widespread.

We highly recommend that you get professional looking and well designed  business cards that leave a positive impression on the person receiving it. It is important that the style and the design of the business card aligns with your personal brand, the kind of yoga you practice and your online presence.

As you proceed to obtaining yoga business cards for yourself, here are a few things to think about:

  • Keep it simple: don’t try to include too much information on the business card, if you are active on 5 different social networks, no need to add the links to all of those accounts on the business card – it is typically best to have your own website and include just that one link in there
  • Make sure that the email address you use is professional: if you have your own domain name, it is best to use an email address based on that domain name, otherwise use your preferred email provider but select an email address that aligns with the brand you want to convey. Good examples are: or or Make sure to avoid email addresses such as
  • Be different: choose the right design, customize the business cards in some way that makes them stand out
  • Make sure to have someone else proofread them: you do not want to end up handing out business cards with typos or incorrect information. You also do not want to have to reorder them because of a little mistake so make sure to have someone else review them for you

You will likely get the best prices online but you’d have to wait a bit longer to have them shipped to you. If you must have them right away and you do not mind paying a bit extra, then there are plenty of local print shops where you can go to obtain your yoga business cards. Prices for business cards vary depending on the design and the paper used, most people end up paying between $20 and $50 for a box of 250 cards. Most businesses offer volume discounts if you order higher quantities.

if you are a yoga studio owner, we highly recommend that you provide all your teachers with business cards that align with the brand of the studio.

Are you ready to get started? It is time to pick a design that fits your style and brand.

Designs for yoga business cards:

Prenatal yoga business cards:

Prenatal-yoga-business-cards Prenatal-yoga-business-cards

Standard yoga business cards:

yoga-business-cards yoga-business-cards

Image based yoga business card:

image-yoga-business-cards image-yoga-business-cards

Classic yoga business cards:

Flower-yoga-business-cards Flower-yoga-business-cards

Ohm inspired yoga business cards:

ohm-yoga-business-cards ohm-yoga-business-cards

Elegant yoga business cards:

elegant-yoga-business-cards elegant-yoga-business-cards

Custom designed yoga business cards:

If you want something totally outside of the box, get inspired by the following yoga business cards:

So, which one is your favorite?

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