How do I choose a yoga mat?

With a dizzying array of yoga mat options available online and in stores, it’s no wonder yogis have trouble finding the best mat for their practice. From function to fashion we’ve outlined a few considerations to help you complete your yoga lifestyle. Here are 5 things to look for when buying a yoga mat.

Yoga mat material:

Consider texture, tackiness, and durability of any yoga mat before purchasing. For hot yoga look for a mat that’s sticky enough so you don’t slide off after the first drop of sweat. PVC or vinyl are good mat materials that combine stickiness and durability. There are a wide variety of textures on the market these days that are made from organic materials such as cotton, bamboo and rubber. Check out the Aurorae “Synergy”, Amazon’s top rated hot yoga mat that is actually a mat and towel combo.

Yoga mat function:

When deciding on the right mat consider how you’ll be using the mat.

Are you looking for a lightweight mat that travels well? If you need to carry your mat for long distances or are short on space, consider investing in a mat that folds up into an easy-to-carry package. The highest-rated travel mat on Amazon is the Khataland YoFoMat weighing in at three pounds and folding for easy transportation.

Or are you a big and tall guy looking for an extra-long mat that can accommodate your body type? Most mats are 1/8″ thick and 68″ long. Amazon’s highest rated big and tall yoga mat has a luxe thickness and is extra-long and wide. The Manduka Eco Mat measures a whopping 79″ long, 26″ wide and 1/5″ thick.

Yoga mat fashion:

Looking for a fun and funky design that sets your mat apart from the rest? From mats designed for the male practitioner to mats designed by the practitioner there are a ton of options for the fashion forward yogi. There are even reversible mats on the market so you can practice on a color that matches your mood. Amazon’s highest rated yoga mat design is another rocking Aurorae product. But we can’t go without mentioning Magic Carpet out of Northern California who makes some of the coolest mat designs we’ve seen.

Yoga mat cost:

A basic yoga mat made of PVC with a general amount of durability and cushion runs around $25 while the top sustainably harvested materials or anti-microbial tech mats can run upwards of $90. At just $35 the Ewedoos Yoga Mat is one of the highest rated value mat on Amazon. Gaiam brand also has some reasonably priced mat options that combine design and function without breaking the bank.

Yoga mat & sustainability:

Yogis are generally environmentally conscious and socially aware individuals, so it’s no wonder that sustainability lands on our list as a key consideration when choosing a yoga mat. One recommendation for you would be to check out the Gaiam yoga mat made of Cork.