Why playlists?

When I first started going to yoga classes years back, there was very little music or none. The music that was played generally was quiet, calming music, or nature sounds. I enjoyed them and still enjoy those classes. But, I have always been a big believer in variety. Music can bring you up or down, they can be fun or make you cry, help you wind down or make you want to dance. I have found Music can be mood enhancing for some people.

When I first started making playlist, they were generally the same as everyone elses. Now, I have playlists for every type of class I offer, from YIN Yoga to CORE POWER. If I have a very strong upbeat playlist, I often play the same songs during savasana so that the same relaxing sounds are familiar and bring my students back to that place where they can relax as soon it starts to play. I have noticed that familiarity is key for some people to relax. So same sounds, smells, places, etc can all play a part. I have had other teachers and students ask me for my playlists and I am always willing to share. My advice, play what you practice to at home.

I have met many teachers that listen to some pretty obscure stuff at home, but were too afraid to try it in a class that they teach. On the other side of the spectrum, I have met teachers who prefer practicing in silence, but always play music in class. As a teacher why not share what you do at home?

If it resonates with you, it will resonate with someone else. Be yourself and share your personal practice. And most importantly, always teach from the heart.

Enjoy my New Flow playlist!

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