Meditative retreats are integral for the connection with your inner self and soul. Leaving your everyday business, problems and worries behind — even just for a few days — can be very restorative and rejuvenating. Retreats can help you recharge and relax while also allowing you to reflect on things from a distance. You will be able to let go of stress and you might even surprise yourself by coming up with a few creative solutions to your problems. So, if you are feeling burned-out, tired, unsocial and overwhelmed, you might be overdue for a yoga retreat. With retreats, there aren’t really any downfalls especially if you do your homework ahead of time. Choose the right retreat for you. For example, if you don’t like flying, don’t book one that includes skydiving, unless you want to conquer your fear, but you get the point. Cost and time can be a concern, but there are plenty of retreats out there that can match everyone’s budget and desired duration; plus think about the return on investment. Today, there are a variety of retreats that provide a diverse set of experiences for people with many different interests.

Here are some yoga retreats that will surely provide you with some time to practice yoga but also give you the opportunity to see the outdoor beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It is time for you to pick your favorite:

3 Days Weekend Yoga Retreat & Hiking in Mt Baker


This yoga retreat is organized by Holman Health Connections and is led by Roy Holman & Kristi Allen. You will get to hike and enjoy some yoga at Peaceful Mountain near Mount Baker. it is taking place from July 18th to July 20th 2014.

July Wilderness adventure yoga retreat into the Central Cascade Mountains


This yoga retreat is led by Jessica Winters, an avid hiker, mountain climber, yoga practitioner and wilderness explorer. She will take you on an adventure full of hiking and yoga in the mountains of the central cascades of Washington. It is taking place from July 25th to July 27th 2014.

1 week Breitenbush yoga retreat in Oregon


This yoga retreat is led by Melina Meza and Chiara Guerrieri from 8 Limbs yoga. The week long retreat will take place at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon, 5 hours south of Seattle and will consist of yoga classes, meditation and yoga workshops. It is scheduled for July 27th to August 3rd 2014.

Full Disclosure: Holman Health Connections & Jessica Winters are current Seattle Yoga News members.

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