You don’t have to go far for your next yoga retreat! Washington is composed of beautiful mountains, lakes and parks that make the Pacific Northwest such a wonderful place to live in. Add yoga to it and you have a great combination for a relaxing time to reconnect with nature and your inner self. We have partnered with many Seattle-based yoga teachers to share some of the yoga retreats they are hosting in 2021 in our own backyard right here in Washington state.
Here are 9 Amazing 2021 yoga retreats near Seattle from our yoga event calendar in chronological order just for you!

These events may have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis – please double check with the organizer to make sure they are still happening.

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Holman health connections- From Woe to Wow Yoga Retreat

About this Retreat: This retreat theme will be moving from pain and suffering to joy and aliveness. Participants will learn how to balance what is sometimes called “Spiritual bypass” with “emotional intelligence”. In other words, not escaping into spirituality or any other bypass, and also not losing ourselves in the world of emotions. You will learn how to raise your energy, get connected and centered in your true or Higher Self. Liz & Roy will also offer an “earth Update” about the incredible changes going on, and offer tips for not only surviving these changes but thriving and helping co-create amazing shift internally and on Earth. You will learn how to dance in the shadows and not dodge, bury, resist, or project them. You will learn how to raise your energy vibration to align with the rising energy on Earth at this time of shift and ascension.

Dates: Feb. 27th-28th

Instructors: Liz Gross & Roy Holman

Cost: $180

MARCH 2021

Yoga Meditation Retreat - Holman Health Connections

About this Retreat: The theme of this retreat will be “Emotional Intelligence”.  Participants will utilize the healing energy of the Aldermarsh environment to learn to pay attention to their feelings, intuition, and learn to accept, welcome, learn from and integrate the shadow aspects of themselves that humans often bury, suppress, hide from or project. Join this retreat where you will be guided to create a safe environment to explore what is within you awaiting your discovery and acceptance so that you can be whole, compassionate and loving of yourselves and others.

Dates: Mar. 26th-28th

Instructors: Liz Gross & Roy Holman

Cost: $425–$495

APRIL 2021

Meditation, Wisdom Teachings and Community Retreat with Roy Holman & Liz Gross - Holman Health Connections

About this Retreat: This retreat will help you jump into 2021 shining bright. Meditation is more than just calming down and reducing stress. You will explore keeping your center even amidst challenging, chaotic and changing times. Practice stepping out of the drama and being a high vibration, joyful presence and helping co-create a New Earth Paradigm.

Dates: Apr. 10th-11th

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $150–$200

Balance Harmony Yoga Retreat - Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio

About this Retreat: How can our yoga practice and reflection cultivate harmony and peace in our lives? Let Emily and Shelia guide you through an entire weekend dedicated to this question! Learn ways to create space in your life for more energy and perspective to navigate life’s many ebbs and flows.
Meditation, Nidra, Yin, and grounding flow practices throughout the weekend are designed to liven the spirit and wisdom that is you! Get ready to answer some deep questions to find renewed path and direction.
Stay in the beautiful woods of Leavenworth at the Sleeping Lady Retreat Center. Meals included on the grounds with locally sourced meals. Spa, hikes, and pools are also available during free time for some well deserved your time.

Dates: Apr. 23rd-25th

Instructors: Emily O’Dea & Shelia Cowart

Cost: $828–$1,080

MAY 2021

2021 Living The Spiral_ Shamanism, Yoga & Art Women’s Retreat at Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island

About this Retreat: The enemy of the ego is unconditional acceptance, a state of no judgment, of unconditional love for all that it is and all that is not. Wherever you are in the spiral of your life, if you still find ways to judge it as “less than perfect,” you are denying yourself permission to be exactly who you are as you are. In this ceremonial retreat we will use ancient practices such as movement, stillness, sweat lodges, breath work, storytelling, silence, oracle journeys and art. Together, in oneness, we will spiral from one moment to the next and create a crucible for embodied intention, healing and transformation.
This is a healing retreat crafted to allow you to dive deep within yourself while opening to work in community.
The schedule is rich and engaging. It does entail a certain amount of preparation.

Dates: May 28th-30th

Instructor: Cosetta Romani

Cost: $650

JULY 2021

2021 Yoga Meditation Hiking Retreat in North Cascade Mountains - Holman Health Connections (1)

About this Retreat: This year’s retreat theme will be “Joy and Gratitude”. Many of us believe we are lacking in these traits, but in truth, joy (in Sanskrit, “Ananda”) is the essence of who we are. Gratitude flows easily when we align with the truth of who we are. Joy and gratitude lift our energy vibration out of despair, anxiety and fear.
Besides twice-daily yoga, participants & instructors will do some hiking in beautiful, bug-free mountains and forests. They will do some breath and meditation playshops, as well as kirtan (call and response chant-song) to help us connect on all levels.

Dates: Jul. 16th-18th

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $325–$395

2021 Meditation Yoga Hike with Roy Holman and Liz Gross at Mount Rainier, Grand Park - Holman Health connections

About this Retreat: Join Roy & Liz for a summer getaway at this beautiful Grand Park  location in Rainier National Park, just two hours from Seattle. This is an amazing hike, past meadows and lakes and into a beautiful alpine meadow with views of Mt Rainier. Participants will invite some silence and walking meditations, do some gentle standing yoga poses, eat lunch in the forest, and get some nice fresh air.

Date: Jul. 24th

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $45


2020 Spira Summer Yoga Retreat 1

About this Retreat: Amazing yoga every day. Private gourmet Chef providing meals three times a day. Beautiful and spacious lodging, all in one amazing deal with reasonable prices!
The Retreat is nestled in the trees on 20 scenic acres in the Teanaway Valley just 6 miles from Cle Elum.  An easy 1 hour drive from Seattle on I90 – Get away from it All.
This is your retreat. There are no strict schedules, required meditations or required detoxifying. You can be as active or as chill as you like. This retreat is about happiness, good Paleo, Primal Aligned Gourmet Food, amazing yoga, and good friends.
The weekend will be very casual, relaxed, with plenty of fun. All you need to do is show up. Participants will ll take care of the pampering and everything else. Yoga is offered twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Mindful  Meditation is offered once a day. And it’s completely optional. You may decide to take a hike, go for a bike ride or just relax around the lodge.

Dates: Aug. 6th-9th

Instructors: Dora Gyarmati & Regan Pasko

Cost: $450–$2,950

2021 Olympic National Park Retreat with Roy Holman & Liz Gross - Holman Health Connections

About this Retreat: Liz and Roy are thrilled to offer this amazing annual Olympic National Park adventure for the third time. Their first two trips in 2018 and 2019 were amazing, so much beauty! Trip includes meals, hiking, meditations (walking and sitting), forest bathing (soak up prana from the rainforest), beach yoga, river yoga, yoga in a studio (in Pt Angeles), camping, swimming and community. Join them to visit some of the most beautiful beaches, forests and mountains in the world.

Dates: Aug. 8th-14th

Instructors: Roy Holman & Liz Gross

Cost: $900

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