Adriene Mishler has become perhaps one of the world’s most famous yoga teachers. She has been growing people’s love for yoga since 2012 through her easy at-home yoga classes that she shares on her YouTube channel and website. Today, the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel has 9.24M subscribers and 832,716,431 views. It features individual yoga and meditation sessions & yoga class series for different levels.
If you are looking for easy at-home yoga and meditation sessions to cope with daily life challenges and keep yourself grounded. Check the following list of our Top 10 Favorite Online Classes by Yoga With Adriene.

Yoga Morning Fresh36 min4,770,829 Views66K Likes
Full Body Flow19 min7,010,005 Views69K Likes
Anchor In Hope Yoga Practice18 min1,041,016 Views15K Likes
Meditation For Self Love13 min1,106,366 Views31K Likes
Meditation For Inner Peace10 min3,771,458 Views63K Likes
Meditation For Anxiety15 min3,114,418 Views48K Likes
Fundamentals Of Ease35 min1,174,532 Views18K Likes
Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch45 min14,237,795 Views137K Likes
Yoga For Tension Relief28 min1,319,247 Views17K Likes
Yoga For Courage28 min1,184,508 Views19K Likes

About this class: Yoga Morning Fresh is the perfect way to start the day! This full yoga practice offers an opportunity for you to ease in, slowly building on breath and asana for a well-rounded practice. Show up to pranayama (or breath practice) and a moving meditation that lovingly wakes up mind and body, providing you the energy you need to conquer your day. Hips, heart, shoulders to feet. Create space in the lower back and cultivate a healthy flow of energy through the spine. Use your breath to build strength, to move with intention, and to Find What Feels Good.

About this class: Set an intention and get ready to get the juices flowing in this fun and supportive 19 minute Full Body Yoga Flow. Give every area of the body some love while cultivating heat to build total body strength and increase mobility. Synchronize the breath with movement and flow with energy and ease to create a moving meditation. Welcome a feeling of vitality and balance back into your inner world.

About this class: This sweet 18 minute yoga flow was created to inspire grounding and balance. This practice is an invitation to trust. Just as you condition and strengthen your body, so too can you condition and strengthen your sense of trust and hope. With this quick flow, you’ll cultivate fresh energy and release anything stagnant. You’ll also gently ground with some hip openers, energize with some heart openers, and invite balance back to the mind, body and spirit.

About this class: This 13 minute guided meditation is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike! This rescue remedy practice can be done seated or lying down and serve as a balm on any day. Tune into the breath, honor your body, and lean into love. Carve out a little bit of time and space to just be where you are in this moment. You are worthy.

About this class: Dive into meditation this Spring, go inward to focus on what feels good in mind and body. Want to have a good body? Tend to the mind. This 10 min practice is a simple meditation that will create the foundation for transformational practice. Compliment your yoga asana practice with this 10 min meditation for inner peace.

About this class: 15 Minute Meditation For Anxiety guides you through a simple at home meditation to provide relief from anxiety, stress, and energetic imbalance. Find a comfortable seat, tune into your breath, and soften. Return to this practice regularly for preventative care. Great for beginners!

About this class: This session features a 35-minute practice with a focus on the movement and philosophy of ease. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. It can be “easier” to do what you are told rather than find what feels good and be present in your body. The fundamentals of ease is a practice that can shift the way you arrive on your mat, and the way in which your time there serves you. This holistic session will be nice for beginners but also beneficial for anyone at any stage of their yoga practice as it focuses on the philosophy of one of Adriene’s favorite yoga sutras which teaches us ultimately how to balance effort with ease.

About this class: Total Body Yoga is a deep stretch practice for the legs, back, and hips. This session invites you on the mat to go deeper. This 45 min yoga practice is great for the lower back and the HIPS! Lean in, breathe deep, stretch it out, and connect to something big. This will be a good one to repeat weekly. Try it and see how your experience changes and unfolds.

About this class: This 28-minute at-home yoga practice is designed to help you feel good and bring you back into a balanced state. As we know, emotional, mental, and/or physical stress can lead to the collection of tension in the mind and body. This cooling and calming practice was created specifically to help relieve any accumulated tension. Become present with what’s happening this very moment. A gentle reminder to call upon the breath, body awareness, and to find stillness. This practice can be used as preventative care or to address current tension and stress. Invite a sense of calm and, as always, Find What Feels Good.

About this class: The courage to show up. That is where it starts. Find refuge, cultivate intention, anchor in slowing down your breath, and release tension in the body. This is a 28-minute fiery breath-focused practice that invites you to the table. Nurture the body, tend to your heart, balance the brain, find strength, find stillness. Get your fill so that when you step off your mat you have the energy you need to be present and serve. A strong and whole practice will assist you in taking your yoga off the mat and into the world.

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