YOGO Mats have been taking the yoga world by storm! It’s the yoga practitioners travel mat of choice. Yogalebrities have been seen practicing on their YOGO Mats in exotic destinations. The mat folds like an origami into a brick sized shape when not in use and is easy to travel with. It fits in your luggage, backpack, whatever satchel you have, it’ll fit. It weights approximately 2 pounds so it’s great for backpackers and light travelers.


The YOGO Mat Ultralight was initially invented in order to take a lightweight running mat to yoga, launched on Kickstarter, and is now sold as part of an eco-friendly yoga prop brand store on Shopify.

We caught up with Jessica Thompson, CEO and Owner of YOGO to get to know her better. We wanted to know what inspired her to create and sustain an eco-conscious company that allows us to do yoga just about anywhere in the world!


What were you doing before making YOGO Mat your full-time gig?

I was working in international climate change finance in Washington DC and I wanted to spend some time in the private sector looking at the barriers and issues in launching a green business profitably.

What inspired you to create the YOGO mat?

My original business partner was the inventor and we teamed up to launch a company around it with me managing the business side.

What’s your favorite style of yoga and why?

My favorite is Yin because it addresses a level of stress and inner healing that is not accessible in any other sport or practice that I know.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in creating your own business?

Simplify everything and move forward with a version that is 80% great. In startups, do not attempt to predict details, financial models, etc. Definitely be sure to laser-focus on big-picture success and profitability. Velocity is foremost, then passion and connecting with the people that you wish to serve comes next. Thousands of details will present themselves and it is important to focus on getting ONE product to market in ONE channel at a time.

Where’s the wildest and most adventurous place you’ve taken your YOGO mat? 

Vietnam and Laos! I had to take boat to get there.

YOGO mats are available for sale on Amazon.com – Grab your travel yoga mat today!

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