Seattle Yoga News is on a mission to find and highlight all of the hidden, and maybe not so hidden, gems in our yoga community and beyond. We want you to learn about their experiences and perspectives, but also a bit more about their personalities, so we have a few fun questions for them. This week’s spotlight is turned towards Brian Charlton.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

Brian Charlton: I wasn’t inspired by yoga until I took a teacher training in support of a friend of mine. She wanted to become a teacher and I had the time and money to join her on her journey. The more I learned about the practice, the more I felt in tune with the world around me, and it became clear to me that so many people were out of balance. I wanted to help them all! It didn’t hurt that I was able to give myself a job teaching Yoga as I was managing gyms in NY at the time.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News:What is one piece of advice you always give your students?

Brian Charlton: Let. It. Go. The world/universe/god is going to throw some shit at you, guaranteed. So why create your own? Stop making things into stories, stop holding grudges, stop stressing out over the things you don’t have, start living.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News:Describe your yoga philosophy?

Brian Charlton: I’ve honestly never thought of how to answer this question before!
I’d say, to put it simply, awareness and mindfulness. I try to create space for my students to practice these two things most often in my classes because I feel they are the most important to living a happy life. If you can be aware of your emotions and thoughts, you can be mindful in your response to them and those who influence them.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: If you could practice with anyone dead or alive, who would that be and why?

Brian Charlton: There are a few people who i’ve lost over the years that I would love to see again.  Even if just for an hour, in silence, in practice.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News:
How lucky are you and why?

Brian Charlton: I’ve been given the opportunity to have a great life, in a beautiful place, surrounded by amazing people. Be it luck, divine intervention, or my own doing; I feel very blessed.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: If you could be an animal, a plant or an ingredient, which one would you be and why?

Brian Charlton: I’d be a fruit tree! I’d be able to provide sustenance, shelter, and clean air. Trifecta of life!

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News:
What is your latest favorite thing about humanity?

Brian Charlton: I really love how the idea of mindfulness and meditation are being taken much more seriously these days. People are opening up to looking inside, and it’s working!

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: Who would you like to nominate next for the yoga teacher spotlight?

Brian Charlton: Pamela Chang is one of the sweetest and kindest souls I’ve ever encountered.  I hope you all get a chance to meet her, learn from her and just experience her!




Brian Charlton Bio:
Brian has been teaching one physical modality or another since he entered the work force at 15 years old.  After catching the yoga bug in 2001, he decided to become a teacher, graduating from Sonic Yoga NYC in 2007.  At the same time, he began to explore the beauty of the partner yoga practice and has never looked back.  Practicing, playing, and teaching consistently since then.
Brian teaches many styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Paddleboard yoga, and Acro yoga. His classes all contain elements of breath, playfulness and awareness of movement. Through all of his teachings he simply hopes his students come away with a better understanding of their own ability, physically and mentally.  The emphasis throughout his classes is simple: yoga is truly about union.  Be it with the divine, between body and breath or your Acro Yoga partner!
You can see what Brian is up to at, take a class from him at Bala Yoga or put your practice on a paddle board with him with Wasup Yoga.

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