One thing is sure, yoga pants can get expensive. Whether at the mall or online, there are often dozens of brands, styles, materials and cuts to choose from. We have previously published shopping guides for fashionable yoga pants, colorful yoga pants, capri yoga pants, black yoga pants and blue yoga pants but we have never published one for the price sensitive shopper. so here it is, we have hand selected 5 cheap yoga pants that will allow you to be comfortable and stylish in your yoga class while not breaking the bank.

#1 Cheap Yoga Pants – Power Flex Yoga Pants:


#2 Cheap Yoga Pants – Popular Basic Yoga Pants:

cheap yoga-pants-colorful

#3 Cheap Yoga Pants Pick – Alki’l Yoga Pants:


#4 Cheap Yoga Pants Pick – Bella Yoga Pants:


#5 Cheap Yoga Pants Pick – iLoveSIA yoga pants:


Enjoy the shopping and make sure to tell us in the comments section below which of these cheap yoga pants you ended up choosing for yourself.

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