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The enemy of the ego is unconditional acceptance, a state of no judgment, of unconditional love for all that it is and all that is not.
Wherever you are in the spiral of your life, if you still find ways to judge it as “less than perfect,” you are denying yourself permission to be exactly who you are as you are.
In this ceremonial retreat, we will use ancient practices such as movement, stillness, sweat lodges, breath work, storytelling, silence, oracle journeys, and art.
Together, in oneness, we will spiral from one moment to the next and create a crucible for embodied intention, healing, and transformation.
This is a healing retreat crafted to allow you to dive deep within yourself while opening to work in the community.
The schedule is rich and engaging. It does entail a certain amount of preparation.

Dates: October 20-22, 2023

Price: $750. Includes 3 days, 2 nights lodging & amenities, 6 delicious meals based on Ayurvedic principles. All teachings, ceremonies, rituals and art supplies.

If you have never worked with Cosetta before use the contact form to inquire about requirements and share your intention


“Dearest Cosetta,
Thank you for another beautiful retreat. I keep coming to your retreats because I come away with a greater sense of purpose and connection to all things. You have a beautiful way of reminding me of the magic that exists in everything we touch and the unseen. I learn new ways to live fully present and that every day is a gift. You bring together women and show us the way to celebrate each other and hold space for our healing. I am forever grateful for the women I meet and the beautiful magic we weave together.” Janet Holmes

“Cosetta creates an environment that allows me the freedom and the safety to access aspects of my being that are typically kept hidden from others as well as from myself. There is something magical about the space, rituals, practices and teaching she offers, that enable me a continuum growth into my authentic Self. Cosetta teaches from the heart where authenticity is encouraged and practiced.” – Wilma Shaw

“I have been attending Cosetta’s Women’s retreat for the past 4 years and I am amazed that every retreat ends up being a completely different experience. I’m deeply grateful for the group of women who are brought together for their individual and collective healing. Cosetta and her assistants always do a remarkable holding space, guiding and supporting us through our journey. While I continue to do my own work, I’m already looking forward to my next retreat with Cosetta!” Jigna Patel


About the instructor:

Registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500). I apprenticed for five years under the guidance of knowledgeable yoga teacher, Lee Atwell, whose teachings have been influenced by her guru Baba Hari Dass.  I undertook yoga-training intensives from Eric Schiffman, David Saul Raye, Mark Whitwell, Sarah Powers, Cindy Lee, Sean Corn, Shari Friedrichsen, Rod Stryker, Sally Kempton. I have been in an ongoing training since 2007 with my most inspirational and empowering teacher, Shiva Rea, and her lineage of Yoga Prana Flow.

The Sacred Path of the Warrior in the Shambhala Tradition, as taught by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, is the core foundation of my meditation practice, which is in constant evolution.

I completed a five-year mentorship with Sundust Oracle Institute under the compassionate guidance of medicine woman Char Sundust. Currently studying with renowned teachers and shamans Christina Pratt and Sandra Ingerman.

In the last five years I have also embarked upon a deep healing in the ancient path of the vegetalismo. Currently learning under the guidance of Shipibo shaman Ricardo Amaringo.  In Shamanic Cultures plants and trees are considered the real university and pharmacy available to us. I travel to South America on a regular basis.

I am also a creative dakini, who has been studying and practicing the art of ikebana (flower arrangements) from the Sogetzu school. I find a daily delight in the creation of altars and sacred space. I write poetry and dance to celebrate the privilege of being human.

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