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We have launched a nationwide gentle yoga and meditation program for the traumatic brain injury community. We are hosting yoga teacher training workshops to equip teachers and clinicians who work with the TBI community with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to tailor their yoga and meditation classes for this population.

What to expect? 

  • Opportunity to watch The Crash Reel documentary

  • LoveYourBrain Yoga Teacher Training Manual (150+ pages)

  • Hands-on experience learning gentle yoga modifications, effective sequencing, and fundamental teaching tips to meet the unique needs of this population

  • Learn meditation practices and pranayama techniques to focus the mind and calm the nervous system

  • Insight into neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, the impact of TBI on the individual and family, and how neuroplasticity influences healing

  • Connections to the broader LoveYourBrain community and movement to shift the culture around TBI recovery and brain health

  • Tools and awareness to exercise more compassionate yoga teaching

  • The LoveYourBrain Fundamentals Curriculum: For yoga teachers who want to delve further into LoveYourBrain’s approach and learn our specific 6 week introductory curriculum for the TBI community. This unique curriculum incorporates TBI-focused yoga and meditation best practices, class themes to foster resilience and compassion, and conversation facilitation skills to support TBI survivors to discuss their healing through yoga and meditation. Each class is designed around a theme that is informed by one of the ten key factors for cultivating resilience.

  • Conversation facilitation skills to support the discussion component of the FUNdamentals series, a unique feature of our program.

  • You will have the opportunity to both practice and teach parts of the curriculum to make the experience as applied as possible.

  • Additional requirements include watching The Crash Reel, reading Traumatic Head Injury: Cause, Consequence, and Challenge (aka “The Red Book”), and completing an assessment.

Friday, February 21st
Saturday, February 22nd
Sunday, February 23rd

What is the cost? $385 and agreeing to host a donation-based class during our fundraiser, MindfulMarch, during Brain Injury Awareness Month. 100% of funds raised go directly to LoveYourBrain’s programs. Payment (non-refundable) due in full 1 week after acceptance

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