So you’ve signed up for a black light yoga party and you need some inspiration on what to wear. The Seattle Yoga News team has got you glowing (literally) in the perfect gear for your event. Below are staff curated favorites on what we would wear to the black light yoga parties!

White Bottoms

White bottoms are the best for black light parties because they significantly light up and cover a good amount of surface area on the body. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite brands carrying white yoga pants below. Wear stripes or speckled white pants for some texture in your glow.

White Bottoms for Black Light Yoga Parties

  1. The Gym People yoga leggings
  2. ODODOS White Camo Patterned Yoga Leggings with Pocket
  3. ONGASOFT High Waisted Yoga Mesh Leggings

White Tops

Don’t want to wear white bottoms? Try a white top instead! We love printed white tops with quirky phrases that are sure to make you and those around you smile. White strappy tops look awesome under the black lights as well. White tops go with any colored bottom at a black light party.

White Tops for Black Light Yoga Parties.png

  1. BLOOMCHARM Light Support Yoga Bra
  2. Mippo Cropped Flowy Yoga Top ,
  3. light & leaf Medium Impact Longline Yoga Bra
  4. RUNNING GIRL Yoga Tank Top

White Accessories

Spice up your outfit with white colored accessories. We’ve listed some accessories that we’d definitely sport at a black light yoga party. Check out the white non-slip yoga mat with the mandala print on top! It’s our absolute favorite! Namaste while you play!

White Accessories for Black Light Yoga Parties (1)

  1. Hipsy Adjustable No Slip Sparkly Bling Mixed 4pk Headbands
  2. White Howlite and Carnelian Mala with Snake Knot, 108 Beads
  3. Clever Yoga Premium Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag & Strap

Neon Colored Leggings

Neon colored leggings glow bright under black lights. If the material is spandex, your pants will definitely light up underneath you. Here are some pants that we’re sure you’ll love to glow in during practice.

Neon Colored Leggings for Black Light Yoga Parties (1)

  1. QUEENIEKE 4-Inch High Waist Yoga Leggings
  2. SEASUM Women’s Slimming Booty Leggings
  3. Kanora Middle Waisted Seamless Yoga Leggings
  4. ODODOS Women’s Yoga Leggings with Pocket

Neon Colored Tops

We love fun colored neon tops! They’re great to wear to a black light yoga party as well as with our day to day grays and blacks. That pop of color brings life into your outfit as well as your practice. Check out our picks for neon colored tops!

Neon Colored Tops for Black Light Yoga Parties

  1. FITTOO Women’s Seamless Yoga Bras
  2. ATTRACO Mesh Workout Tank Tops for Women
  3. Kurve Seamless Supersoft Racerback Tank ,
  4. Move With You Women’s Crop Tank Tops

Neon Accessories

Neon accessories glow well under black light. Here are some fun pieces you can assemble together to get “glowing.” You also know that 80s party is coming up and these accessories would be perfect for that bash as well.

blacklight party yoga neon accessories

  1. Neon Leg Warmers
  2. Music Legs Women’s Basic Leg Wrap
  3. Fingerless Neon Fishnet Gloves
  4. Neon Trucker Hats
  5. Smiffy’s Neon Beaded Bracelets

There are endless ideas and combinations for you to choose from.