Seattle Yoga News is on a mission to find and highlight all of the hidden, and maybe not so hidden, gems in the Seattle yoga community and beyond. We want you to learn about their experiences and perspectives, but also a bit more about their personalities, so we have a few fun questions for them. This week’s spotlight is turned towards Roy Holman.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

Roy Holman: Pain! Well, that is what got me to fall in love with yoga, which really got me back in my body. After that, I just had to teach, so even though I had no training, I taught for 5 years, until I finally realized I didn’t know anything, and got certified in Viniyoga.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What kind of trainings have you pursued?

Roy Holman: After the 200 hour, I went to the 500 hour viniyoga. I also got certified as a meditation teacher, hands on energy healer, reflexology, Oneness trainer and a minister. My greatest teachers, though, have been life: my world travels, my inner journey through my pain, my students and many other teachers.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What is one piece of advice you always give your students?

Roy Holman: Trust yourself. Find your own pose and pace. Balance the head with heart. And remember that you are a loving embodiment of God / Great Spirit. Oh, and lighten up.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What is your favorite asana and why?

Roy Holman: Warrior two has always been a favorite. I guess it’s because of the “war” I have had with my demons and my mind, trying to take back my power after giving it away during some painful early years.

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: What is your favorite yoga related book?

 A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Roy Holman: Not exactly a yoga book, but Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth is awesome, as I am very excited about the shift we are experiencing and co-creating on Earth right now. The media focuses on the fear and pain body, but there is something profoundly beautiful going on.

Seattle Yoga News: What is one thing most people don’t know about you?seattle yoga news 25

Roy Holman: Hmmmm, I am not sure. I am fairly transparent. I guess most people don’t know what a wild life I have had. I lived 5 years abroad. I also went from bartender, butcher and hunter to minister, yoga and Oneness trainer! My old friends can’t believe who I am now. My new friends can’t believe who I was. Life is amusing!

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: Outside of the world of yoga, what are you really passionate about?

Roy Holman: As I mentioned earlier, this shift on Earth is unprecedented. I believe we are finally balancing the masculine feminine aspects, and this will change everything. I very honored to be here on Earth at such a time. Challenging as heck, but amazing and so much possibility. Everything is changing!

seattle yoga news 25Seattle Yoga News: Where can one take a yoga class with you?

Roy Holman: In Everett, I teach at the Everett Parks Department, in a nice place called Forest Park. People can also come on retreat with us here in Washington, or in Sedona, or Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bali, Costa Rica …..

We invite you to check out Roy’s page on the Seattle Yoga News event calendar for upcoming events and classes he is hosting.

Roy Holman Bio:

roy-holmanRoy Holman lives happily with his partner Liz and dog Koda in Everett, Washington, and has run Holman Health Connections there since 2000. He is author of two books. Roy is a 500 hour certified ViniYoga teacher. Also certified in Meditation and Healing, and leads yoga-meditation retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali, Peru, Sedona, and in the state of Washington. He teaches with humor and joy.

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