Bite of Seattle — the yearly, free foodie extravaganza — is at Seattle Center this weekend. Before you check out the event, July 18 – 20, read our guide for what to eat and what to avoid:

Before we break down what to eat, here’s our tips on how:

  • Indulge – You eat healthy for most meals and an event like Bite of Seattle is the perfect time to indulge, try something new or have something sweet.
  • Share with friends – Instead of trying five different naughty foods, have each friend get something to share. You’ll get to try a lot of things without the guilt and have a great time with your friends while you do it.
  • Don’t eat your usual foods – If you know everything on the menu at a Thai or burger restaurant, avoid those kinds of foods at Bite this weekend. Bite is all about trying new things and there are so many vendors, there won’t be time to waste on old standbys.

The foods at Bite are a selection of restaurants, food trucks and sidewalk specials. The goods are broken down into drink, desert, novelty, restaurant and specials categories.

  • Deserts – Skip the ones you’ve tried at fairs before like elephant ears and funnel cakes. Instead, try Biringer Farms brownies and scones or crepes from Crepe Tyme.
  • Novelties – They may not be fun to try, but spice from Grandma Edna’s Spice Blend may be good to take home or give as a gift. There are also a few beef jerky stands if meat is your thing. And because the heat just won’t stop in Seattle, we think a wine slush from Nectar of the Vine sounds divine.
  •  Restaurants – There are so many options to choose from, so if something doesn’t strike your fancy on this list, we’re sure there will be others at the event. But we recommend you try: fried pumpkin from Bahn Thai, alligator on a stick or shrimp étouffée from New Orleans Cookery or a warthog pulled pork slider from Warthog BBQ Restaurant and Catering Company.
  • Specials – The specials run the gamut from benign to unusual. We recommend trying the cheese puffs from Maria’s Cheese Puffs, the frozen custard ice cream from Peaks Frozen Custard or go outside the box with a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from Peanut Butter Goodness.

No matter what you eat, enjoy Bite of Seattle this weekend. Take your friends, try something new, indulge a little and most of all, relax and have fun!

[Photo by camknows – CC BY]

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