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Join sound healers Matthew and Julieth for a very special offering of sound and relaxation. Sound bath emphasis and layout includes some light yoga and meditation in the Kundalini tradition, symphonic and planetary gongs, didgeridoo, crystal and healing bowls, shamanic drums, guitar, and more. Vibrate the senses and ground yourself while elevating the spirit with this unique combination of practices connecting you to your inner flow and power through breath, movement, and sound. Relax, receive, and go deeper on your healing journey!

What to Bring: the studio provides loaner mats, blankets, blocks, and bolsters- though you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own, if you have a favorite! Please also bring anything that will provide additional comfort during the session- water bottle, pillow, eye covering, and/or a journal for recording any thoughts or feelings you experience in the immediate aftermath of the journey.

Julieth and Matthew facilitate Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and Reiki services in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Peru. Here to celebrate you on your journey and serve each other graciously towards greater understanding, health, and wellness. 3HO/KRI Kundalini Yoga Certified and Reiki Certified Practitioners committed to the path of the heart.

Preregistration is required. Limit of 14 registrations.

Note: This workshop may be cancelled 48 hours in advance if minimum registration is not met.


Date & Time:

  • Jan. 19th, 2020
  • From 1pm – 3pm

Room: Practice Studio

Cost: $30
Annual Members Receive 20% Discount


About the instructor: Matthew Dauble

Matthew Dauble


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of transformation.  Named this because of its potency using time honored traditions as well as contemporary practices.  As the Kundalini rises so is consciousness sparked into a faster pace of inner illumination.  It is my intention as your guide to reinforce positive affirmations of breath, mantra, and movement and offer profound meditations towards the illumination of heart, body, and mind.  A portion of class is set aside for deep relaxation with the aid of the Gong and similar vibratory instruments which allow for the mind and psyche to disconnect so you can reconnect to your bodies own powerful innate healing nature.  With the aid of Julieth Gonzalez on sound and healing bowls Maya’s own “dream team” is complete and awaits to be at your service to your greatest wisdom.  I bow to you in selfless service, the truth is your name.   ~Namaste Sat Nam



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