Yoga Panda is a service launched by a Seattle based company that provides the yoga community a convenient way to find, book and save on yoga classes in the Seattle area. One can book yoga classes directly on the the Yoga Panda website or using the Yoga Panda iphone App or the Yoga Panda Android App.

Here are 7 great reasons why people love Yoga Panda and why you should start using it today:

#1 Great way to find affordable yoga classes

I did not have a regular yoga practice for a while because simply put…YOGA is so expensive. With regular yoga classes often ranging from $17-20 per session, I frankly could NOT afford to do yoga. With the Yoga Panda App, I can easily find yoga classes near me and book a class for up to 50% off the full drop in rate. Yoga Panda even lists FREE yoga classes offered at local yoga studios. Now who doesn’t like FREE?

#2 Yoga anywhere and anytime!

Yoga Panda partners with over 40 local Seattle yoga studios and offers over 1,000 classes each week. This means that there is always a yoga class I can go to at any time of the day in most neighborhoods in the Seattle area. Yoga Panda is working on expanding to more studios throughout the state including in Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham… with the goal of becoming a nationwide App so that one can book yoga classes across the US. #YogaEverywhere

#3 Yoga Panda Events and Meetups

Yoga Panda partners with Seattle Yoga News and various yoga community organizers to connect Yoga Panda users to the best yoga events in town! Yoga Panda makes it possible to not only discover interesting upcoming yoga events but also book them directly through Yoga Panda. Don’t miss another yoga event, install Yoga Panda on your iphone or Android device today.

#4 Enormous (and Filterable) Seattle Yoga Database

I am never unable to find a class that is perfect for me. Yoga Panda’s filtering options allow you to sift through the plethora of yoga classes to a perfect T. You can filter by yoga studio, neighborhood, cost, yoga teacher, style of yoga, etc. This is done all in the palm of your hand (and on the desktop version). Forget about googling or using the clunky Mindbody App, Yoga Panda provides the ultimate search experience for yoga classes.

#5 Take your yoga to the next level

Yoga Panda opens the possibilities for a yogi and yogini to visit multiple studios and experience different styles of yoga and different yoga teachers, thus allowing you to get a taste of the diversity of yoga options available in our rich local yoga community. With Yoga Panda, every yoga class can be different but if you find the yoga class, the yoga teacher or the yoga studio you love, Yoga Panda makes it easy for you to find more of what you like in just a couple of clicks.

#6 The App is FREE

I know we already mentioned FREE twice in this article. Should we mention it one last time? Download the Yoga Panda app for FREE for your iphone or Android phone. If you are on your PC or Laptop, you can use the Yoga Panda website.

#7 Become a Yoga Panda Ambassador

Join the tribe! When you promote Yoga Panda to your friends and family, you get even more discounted deals (up to an extra 20% off) on yoga classes and events in and around the Seattle area. The Yoga Panda Ambassador program enables you to get an extra discount for yourself as well as for your friends. How cool is that? #YOGAPANDAAMBASSADOR

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