Start your new year with a mindful yoga practice, release the past with gratitude, and open up to the infinite possibilities of the future. To make sure that you’ll have a memorable and special celebration this year, don’t waste any more time, and grab your ticket for the event that is happening near you!

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New Years Eve Practice A Night of Introspection Connection and Movement - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: This special New Year’s Eve practice is an opportunity to get quiet and connect with your inner resources as a way to move closer to meaning and mobilization in the new year. The practice invites you to slow down through guided movement that cultivates grace and flow. In this event you will establish being…by listening inward, sharing a space with others and bathing in environmental sound (music). As a community of practitioners, participants will seek to make beauty and connection with each other in real and authentic ways.
The class will allow time for writing and reflection, include gentle and restorative postures and culminate with a meditation.
Please dress in layers and bring a journal or notebook.

Date & Time: Dec. 31st @6pm-8pm

Instructor: Alia Swersky

Cost: $40

[Live Streamed] Resolve | A 31 Day Yoga Practice with Carrie Johnson - Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya Yoga Oasis Burien

About this Event: Join Meagan Lass for an all-levels 2 hour class to set your intention for 2020. Meagan will guide you through a grounding yoga practice to create and bring to life your purpose for the new year. Class will begin with an intention setting for the new year and move to a mindful, slow flow. This class will end with a supported, guided meditation.Intention is a donation-based class and all proceeds will go to a local charity (more details coming soon).
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat, a water bottle, and something to write with (notebook, pen).

Date & Time: Jan 1st @9am-11am

Instructor: Meagan Lass

Cost: By Donation

New Years 2020 - Guru Gayatri
guru gayatri-logo

About this Event: Join  Sada Simran to consciously set your intentions for the new year and plant the seeds of your dreams. Each day we are blessed with new opportunities to grow stronger, love deeper and live fuller. The foundation you set in Day 1 of 2020 will hold the field of potentiality and set the flow of energy for the next 12 months. Experience the deep healing and restoration of a special Triple Gong Healing, eat, drink, dance and enjoy yourself within the community! Join and celebrate! In your heart! In your actions! In your words!

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10am-12:30pm

Instructor: Sada Simran

Cost: $29

Revive Renew Annual New Years Day Practice with Elizabeth Rainey - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Just as the acorn holds the entirety of the oak tree within it, we hold within ourselves a full and unique human being. For the tree to reach its optimal expression it needs the ideal combination of soil, water, light and attention. We are the same, and the practices of yoga are a beautiful way to nourish our body-mind-heart with movement, breath, light and awareness. With the dawning of a new year we have the cyclical gift of renewal. This new start is a beautiful time to rediscover what supports and nourishes us, so we can fully express and embody our most authentic self, moment to moment, breath to breath.
Come enjoy the blessings of community and practice on this auspicious first day of 2020. All levels are welcome.

Date & Time: Jan 1st @10am-12pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Rainey

Cost: $40

[Live Streamed] Sattva Yoga Journey – Expanded Consciousness with Julie Hsu - Phinney Ridge Yoga
Phinney ridge yoga logo

About this Event: Begin your new year with an intention for peace, clarity and compassion with this 2-hour yoga and meditation class with Laura Yon. In this class, you will practice asana, pranayama and a guided, seated meditation. All levels of practitioners are welcome. Join and send ripples of peace out into the world.
As the Dalai Lama says, “If an individual were to make conscious intention to live his or her life with a sense of purpose, live it in a good way, then the ripple effect of that really spreads. First, from the individual to the family, then to the community… and so on. This is how society gets changed and effected.”

Date & Time: Jan 1st @10am-12pm

Instructor: Laura Yon

Cost: $30

New Years Yoga Celebration - Whole Life Yoga
Whole life yoga logo

About this Event: The parties are over, the presents are opened, and it’s time to begin the new year. What better way to start than with a beautiful yoga and meditation practice!  Join Tracy as she leads this gentle yoga, breath, and meditation class focused on connecting with the body and breath and setting intentions for the new year.

Date & Time: Jan 1st @10am-12pm

Instructor: Tracy Weber

Cost: $40

New Years Practice with Kathleen Sheets in Bremerton - Indigo Moon Yoga
Indigo-moon yoga

About this Event: Leave behind what no longer serves you and make room for the new. Practice in community as we welcome the coming year. You will symbolically burn and release old habits, grievances, anything that you would like to leave behind.
The physical practice in this event will be a slow, flowing, meditative sequence, then it will conclude with a Yoga Nidra practice focusing on a Sanklpa, your deepest hearts desire, for the coming year.
You are invited to bring a small object from nature to leave in the studio, a pebble, shell, small piece of driftwood to symbolize our connection to each other and the world.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10:30am-12pm

Instructor: Kathleen Sheets

Cost: $18

New Year's Day Sankalpa Practice with Leah Zaccaria in Queen Anne
Hauteyoga Queen Anne

About this Event: Join Leah Zaccaria on the first day of 2020 for an invigorating Sankalpa practice. A sankalpa is an intention or a determination, will or desire. It is to invoke what you want in your life. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to deprive yourself or take away, let’s set sankalpas instead!
This workshop will start with an opening ceremony and meditation, followed by a strong challenging flow, ending with a closing ceremony.
You will leave inspired and determined to bring all things good to your life in 2020 and beyond!

Date & Time: Jan 1st @11am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Leah Zaccaria

Cost: $25

Getting Started with Inverted Poses: Yoga's Hidden Treasure Poses with Richard Schachtel - Center for yoga of Seattle

About this Event: Start the New Year Off with an Ease Back Into Yoga Practice led by Richard Schachtel, Director of The Center For Yoga of Seattle! This Workshop is for those with familiarity with Iyengar Yoga and without major injuries or issues.
The practice will include, standing poses, forward extensions, inversions, and may include back arches, twists, and some restoratives.
Re-commit to your yoga practice and get started off right for the New Year!

Date & Time: Jan 1st @11:30am-1:30pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $30–$40

New Years Day Dharma Workshop - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Dharma comes from the root dhru which means to support or to bear. From one perspective, our dharma is that which supports and sustains us. Dharma is also that which nurtures us and, in turn, our society. As we practice yoga and gently shed constrictive patterns in our body, mind, and hearts, our dharma (the life that nourishes and sustains us) becomes clearer and clearer and we have less ability to live a life that is out of alignment with our personal truths and less capacity to just “get by.” Our wisdom and intuition begin to guide us rather than familial or societal expectations or conditioning. This is a place of true power and fulfillment.
Join Elizabeth on New Year’s day to gather in community, practice, and contemplation to create a sacred space where you can hear your deeper, truths, wisdom and intuition and give them a voice and a direction. You will dream big and dwell in possibility for a while envisioning 2020 as a blank canvas upon which to design this coming year to live your dharma more clearly, powerfully and consistently. You know you are living your dharma when the work of your life lights you up, evolves your spirit and is in some way a contribution.

Date & Time: Jan 1st @1pm-3pm

Instructor: Ellen Boyle

Cost: $40

New Years Day Gentle Energetic Cleanse with Sally Carley - aditiyoga
Aditi Yoga Seattle

About this Event: Begin 2020 with this series of gentle but powerful exercises that will help you to begin the New Year feeling light, bright and vibrant. Developed by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, this series of fun, easy exercises supports movement in every joint in the body, cleansing all energy channels, bringing balance and purification to all systems in the body.
This practice is accessible to all. All levels of fitness and yoga experience are welcome.
Join Sally and fellow students for whom this has become an annual tradition, and a favorite way to begin the New Year!
Sally will offer copies of Dr. Motoyama’s book ($15) so you can continue this practice at home.

Date & Time: Jan 1st @1pm-4pm

Instructor: Sally Carley

Cost: $50

Create Spaciousness Within A New Years Day Practice with Jenna Buckley - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: The New Year can be an exciting time full of opportunity, inspiration and change. Often the pressure and expectation to meet grandiose goals can feel like setting oneself up for failure, right out of the gate. This year, you can begin by deepening the connection to self through meditation, movement, breath, and contemplation. In this workshop, you will learn to create spaciousness, and become more at ease in a world that is noisy, reactive, and demands discernment at a moments notice.
Begin 2020 in community! Join Jenna & friends for a strong vinyasa flow, some inner quiet practice, and reflection.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st, 2020 @1:30pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Jenna Buckley

Cost: $35

New Years Ease with Leah Adams - Sangha Yoga

About this Event: Give yourself the gift of space this New Years Day. In this extended yin yoga class, you will practice moving mindfully through poses, holding each one for several minutes while you allow gravity to support you, props to settle you, and breathwork to evoke feelings of rest and space.
It is in the quiet, the allowing, and the non-doing that there is room for insight, possibility, and discovery. Maybe even finding beauty resting in the mystery.
This workshop offers space, tools, and techniques to practice self-compassion, being with life as it is in the present moment and in the quiet pauses in-between, rather than viewing ourselves as self-improvement projects.
This is a time to gift yourself the same kindness and care that you might wish for a good friend.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @4:30pm-6pm

Instructor: Leah Adams

Cost: $35

New Years Re-Wilding For Women with Jenna Mcdonald
Devoted Yogi logo

About this Event: On the Evening of New Years Day join Jenna and gather with other women to sweat your prayers and call in a vibrant and powerful New Year with this Re-Wilding Yoga/Dance fusion class.
You can expect:
 Opening Circle, Chant, and Connection time
 Visualization and Meditation
 Primal Movement and a killer playlist
 Invocations and Intentional movement patterns
 Plenty of time with powerful beats to help you dance your vision into being
 Wise woman, Wild woman style sisterhood and small partnered exercises for elevating other women.
 Pop-Up rules for safe space and creation of a badass container.
 All levels movement, and lots of humidity.
 Pure badassery.

Date & Time: Jan 1st @6pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Jenna Mcdonald

Cost: $50

New Year's Chakra Tune-Up Flow & Meditation

About this Event: The holiday season can be a time of joy and excitement, but it can also leave us physically and mentally exhausted. On top of our usual everyday routine, many of us have to make time to purchase gifts, set up decorations, go to or host parties, and follow other holiday traditions. No wonder by the time January comes around we can feel depleted and off-balance!
Release the old energetic gunk and usher in new positive energy by welcoming the New Year with a Chakra tune-up practice that will use asana (yoga poses), guided relaxation, breath work, and meditation to purify the body, soothe the senses, reset the nervous system, and clear the mind. When your energy centers are properly maintained, they enliven your inner intelligence and bring more harmony to your life.

Date & Time: Jan. 4th @4:30pm-7pm

Instructor: Carina Terra

Cost: $40

New Year Yoga with Jennifer Isaacson in Ritual House of Yoga
Ritual House Yoga logo

About this Event: Winter slows us down, completing the seasonal cycle with rest, nourishment and healing so you can begin again. Using the container of Yin Yoga, shift into deep sensation and breath as you arrive. By slowing down and feeling, the body and mind recalibrate, creating an environment of healing. You’ll then transition into the moving meditation of Vinyasa Yoga.
These accessible tools weave presence into what matters most, making it all feel new again. Jennifer has been teaching yoga for 18 years and would be honored to support your experience and understanding of yoga.
This workshop is open to all.

Date & Time: Jan. 5th @4:30pm-7pm

Instructor: Jennifer Isaacson

Cost: $35

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